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Match and Rank Candidates Intelligently!

Automate the way you capture candidate resumes from emails, match them to jobs and rank based on key attributes.

Rankefy in a Nutshell!

With the advent of job boards and numerous other channels, recruiters constantly face the challenge of receiving hundreds of resumes through emails, daily. The task of reading, assessing, selecting and storing these emails becomes extremely tedious.

This entire process can now be managed seamlessly through a platform that automatically captures resumes, matches it to jobs, ranks and forwards them - all without any human intervention!!

Rankefy - a cloud based platform that matches candidates to jobs, intelligently!

A Feature Rich Platform!


Candidate resumes and job descriptions are captured from emails


These resumes are matched to suitable jobs and stored in separate folders automatically


Through an intelligent algorithm, candidates are ranked based on skill sets, experience and relevancy


You now have a set of candidates most suitable for the job, to forward and continue with the hiring process

Your Gateway to Effective Hiring!

Addresses the recruiter�s email overload

Intelligent algorithm refines data in emails & isolates SPAM

Saves hours of manual work

An informative dashboard with analytics

Rankefy for Everyone!

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